Hinter (German):

  1. behind/beyond
  2. to get to the bottom of

Welcome to Hinter Magazine, the online and print magazine about underrepresented voices. We aim to explore and illuminate the stories that don’t show up on your news feed.

The Hinter Magazine staff is made up of students on the Master’s of International Journalism course at City, University of London. Visit our Twitter and Instagram pages for more content.

Expect a print magazine of our stories, out in July.

Editor: Carlie Porterfield

Production Editor: Kristina Völk

Deputy Production Editor: Rebecca Sonzogni

Managing Editor: Zoë Tidman

Current Affairs Editor: Alia Shoaib

Current Affairs Deputy Editor: Elettra Scrivo

Lifestyle Editor: William Cohn

Voices Editor: Jason MacGregor

Voices Deputy Editor: Catherine Lough

Visual Editor: Alessia Peretti

Assistant Visual Editor: Anh Nguyen

Digital Editor: Otto Lanzavecchia

Assistant Digital Editor/Social Media Editor: Cecile Bussy

Chief Sub-Editor: Sophie Dowdell


Charlie Filmer-Court

William McGee

Jack Schofield

Staff Writers:

Ryan Fahey

Michelle Fredman

Quentin Gavingnon

Anshudha Garimella

Bryana Gold

George Grylls

Elisângela Mendonça

Sofia Phillips

Vivek Rajkhowa

Pragya Sood